Legendary Customs was simply an idea. An idea spawned from opportunity. The opportunity that Tiffany Hill, (owner of Leaders & Legends, Little Leaders, and Stages) noticed when a space across the street from her performing arts center became available. An idea simply put in the air “I’m going to rent that store across the street and James (her husband) your gonna make t-shirts.” An idea heard by Jaret Barron, (friend and drama instructor) as an opportunity of a lifetime.

When you are a dream chaser it’s not difficult to understand opportunity. It is simply about the time you make, to take the necessary steps to turn your ideas into a reality. 

With three diverse niche backgrounds. These three talented individuals brings tremendous value to the table. Giving their business a leg up on the competition, allowing them to carve lanes for themselves within multiple markets.

See bios below for more information on, 

James Hill, Tiffany Hill, & Jaret Barron.

Legendary Customs is an apparel branding company that provides quality custom printed apparel and logo designs for individuals and businesses.




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